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Bitumen Suppliers

Bitumen that we supply is manufactured from crude oil. Our supplied Bitumen is obtained as the last residue in fractional distillation of crude petroleum. The heaviest material obtained from the fractional distillation process is further treated and blended to make different grades of paving grade bitumen. The actual bitumen output can be controlled not only by selecting the appropriate crude but also by adopting varying processes in the refinery. The choice of process would depend on the availability of suitable crude, demand of the end products and total commercial viability of the complete refining process.


Three grades of Bitumen confirming to IS 73: 2006 are manufactured in India, viz., VG-10, VG-30 & VG-40, depending on the viscosity of the Bitumen. VG30 is most commonly used Bitumen grade in India.


VG 10 (Bitumen 80/100): This is the softest of all grades that we supply and is available in India. This is suitable for low volume roads and is still widely used in the country. 

VG 30 (Bitumen 60/70): This grade that we supply is harder than 80/100 and can withstand higher traffic loads. It is presently used mainly in construction of National Highways & State Highways. 

VG 40 (Bitumen 30/40): This is the hardest of all the grades that we supply  and can withstand very heavy traffic loads. Bitumen 30/40 is used in specialized applications like airport runways and also in very heavy traffic volume roads in coastal cities in the country.


Major application of Bitumen is for road construction & surfacing airfield runways and taxi tracks.


Application :

  • Bitumen is used for road construction

  • Surfacing airfield runways and taxi tracks, 

  • Hydraulic applications such as canal lining, river bank protection, dam construction and sea defences.

Recomenmded handling temperatures of Bitumen:

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